Monday, 16 January 2012

Sharing Is Caring

These are some tips from Puan Suhana Mohd Yunus, a teacher at SK Bangau, Temerloh. Let's try out for our class.
Paper 2
Section A...
. Give out 10 verbs a day.
. Pupils will compete to write the verbs in the past and continuous tense.
. Award a star to the first pupil who got all the correct answers.
( This helps to arouse the students’ interest as they like to compete among each other).
. Pupils are taught to write simple sentences using the verbs.
. When they can write the simple sentences, teach them how to add other interesting or useful phrases to form compound and later on complex sentences.
. Pupils will take turn  to present their sentences on the black board.
. The other pupils will read out the sentences. They will identify the mistakes ( if any ) and correct them.
I found that the pupils are very eager to write their sentences on the blackboard and also to correct their friends’ errors. I believe that when the pupils are able to find someone else’s errors, they will also be able to avoid their own errors when they are writing sentences.
Section C
. Studying the given pictures and words.
. Teacher brainstorms the pupils for ideas.
. Pupils write sentences with guidance by the teacher.
. Pupils cross-check what have been written with each other. Identify the mistakes, correct them and rewrite the writing piece.
Identifying and rewriting give a good practice to the pupils. Practice makes perfect.

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