Friday, 25 November 2011

Let's Try Out

A     Circle the correct answer.
1.    The audience was very happy with the _________ of musicians.
       A   gang              B   crowd           C   band            D    board

2.     The boy helps his teacher to carry those _____books to her car.
       A    heaps           B   piles               C   bundles        D   crowd

3.    The  ____ of bees flew out of the hive when the boys threw stones at it.
       A   swarm           B   group               flock              school

4.   Azman brought a few _____ of bananas to the zoo to feed the monkeys.
       A   packets         B   strings             C   trays            D   combs

5.   My father bought a ______ of pearls from the shop for my mother.
      A   necklace          B   circle             C   suit              D   string

B     Fill in the blanks with suitable collective nouns.
1     The zoo has a _________________ of black cobra.

2     Afiqah saw a  ________________ of butterflies at the park.

3     Zarul's cat gave birth to a ________________ of kitten last Sunday.

4     A ______________ of bees flew towards the boys.

5     Azim saw a _______________ of dolphins during his island trip.

6     The hunters were attacked by a _____________ of wolves.

7     A ___________ of lions went after the deer.

8     There is a ____________ of  pigeons on the roof.

9     The _____________ of sheep was being guarded by the shepherd.

10    He found a ___________ of mice in the storeroom.

            litter        flock        pride        pack
         flight            nest

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