Friday, 25 November 2011

Collective Nouns

Collective nouns are nouns that refer to a group of people, animals or things.

1.     People 
-a board of directors       - an army of soldiers
-a band of musicians       - a choir of singers
-a crowd of spectators      - a team of players

2.      Animals
- a flocks of birds            - a school of whales
- a herd of buffaloes        - a gaggle of geese
- a nest of mice               - a pack of wolves

3.       Things
- a bar of chocolates        - a list of names
- a bouquet of flowers      - a pack of cards
- a set of tools                  - a clutch of eggs
- a collection of stamp      - a crate of fruits
- a turf of grass                 - a fleet of ships

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